Wednesday, November 10, 2010

While clearing my head...

So I've been out of the studio for a couple weeks due to various obstacles. Falling behind in life in general however, today I went there to sit and think hoping that I would come to some kind of realization... but my thinking turned into these.
They are about the size of my hand, just to give you some kind of visual scale. They are just studies I suppose even though I don't really have a bigger idea that is suppose to span off of them. Sometimes you just have to put your brush on something and see what happens when you are feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.
If I do more of these... I might make them a little darker. They kind of have the easter egg colors going hahhaa. Not sure if I'm a huge fan of that.


  1. these are awesome i love the one of the girl...wanna make me one for my room?!

  2. these are really tiny actually about the size of my hand I can do that for you no problem.