Thursday, January 13, 2011


Good morning New England!
The morning greeted Tom and I at 5:45 because we had to go dig our cars out of the high school parking lot by 6. What a hassle right? We both ran around the lot digging ourselves out and pushing other peoples cars as well (tom did that... not so much me). Tom kept on throwing snow at my face my accident (while I was trying to help him), however i could tell he felt bad once i flashed him a really upset face as I felt an icy chuck melt its way down my back. We were finally able to free our cars after about twenty minutes of labor until, at one point mine got stuck and when I got out to fix it I ended up completely on my face because of black ice (most likely because I didn't help tom push cars). I freed my silly little rental car while slipping and sliding around the parking lot's icy coat. Tom and I arrived back at the house, both really annoyed that we had to wake up so early, however something caught my attention that eluded my eyes towards the horizon. The sunrise. Ever since we moved to this little island I have only caught little peeks at the sunrise. But here it was, right in font of our tired, frazzled eyes.
The morning now finds me at my desk, my cat sitting in the windowsill, both of us looking at the ever growing orange pinky light stretching its arms from behind its dark blue ocean blanket. Gracie (my cat) is as mesmerized as I am. I feel really thankful after all that, that I live where I do, and that I get to see it every morning, front row.

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  1. Beautiful picture; you make me miss New England. =o)