Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cheer

The smell of coffee tip toed up the stairs and made its way under my door to wake me, closely followed by my youngest sister kissing my forehead to hurry me down to start the Christmas morning process. Even though there was no extended family this year to join in the festivities the tree was finely framed in a nest of multi-colored gift papers, bows, tags and boxes of all sizes. We all gathered around and claimed areas of the family room to keep their unwrapped piles of treasures.
Getting things is all fine and dandy, but the look on my mothers face when she opened up her ipad was worth more than any paper-ripping surprise. My brothers presence over video chat was unique and exciting. Since he lives in Texas we chatted back and forth as we watch each other unwrap all our gifts, laughing and giggling about inside jokes and gawking at his ever-so-adorable dog.
I hope everyone is having a merry christmas this year and is still open to the whole spirit of Christmas and its true meaning. If you've lost touch with such spirits please watch Charlie Browns Christmas, Linus will put it in perfect perspective for you.

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