Friday, December 3, 2010

Water Droplets

I had that moment again. The moment when I am just an object. A functioning machine with no instructions and no warning labels.
I was standing there, soaking wet, just watching the water droplets sliding down my hair leading to the plunge, right at the tip, only to end up in the vast, dark, curving world of pipes. I thought about the journey of those water droplets. I wanted to change their path. I saw myself like water, I saw my life like the dark pipes. I felt myself tossing and turning, flowing faster and faster with all the other water droplets. Its so dark I can't see but I feel the pulling the pushing. There is a point when I think I can grab onto the walls of these pipes and stop for a second to catch my breath but everything I grab slips away. Even my effort echos like nails on a chalk board. I felt sad for the little droplets, because I don't want to be in these pipes anymore. I pinched one wet strand of hair and squeezed the little droplets out. I saw them fall faster. I moved my hair around so none of the drops would land on top of one another. It was more like rain in that moment. A leaky sink always drips in the same place, over and over again. But rain scatters, there are part of earth that remain untouched by water for even an hour after a storm has begun.
I snap back to reality and feel a shiver, not knowing how long I had actually been standing there under no running water. My brain told me to move, so i did and wrapped myself in a towel.
The end.

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